We design custom software for our clients that is modeled after their already successful business processes; keeping the adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" in mind while bringing modern database and workflow technologies to bear on a solution. Most of our solutions are based on the FileMaker Pro database platform; we have found it to be a rapid development environment that allows us to create easy-to-use applications. The solutions we create are able to scale, on one axis, from a single stand-alone user to hundreds of simultaneous users; using the same code-base, we are also able to take a solution from the desktop and redeploy widely, to the web, or narrowly, to PDA devices, such as a Palm or Treo.

In certain instances we will work with our clients to take a software solution to a stage where it can become a "shrink wrap" product, private-labeled, or as an independent venture, such as Megillah, temple software developed with the 21st century in mind.

We have been building databases for our clients since the founding of the firm; If you would like to see sample screens from a few of the systems we have done over the years click here for a flash-based slideshow or here for a gallery of screenshots; the latter being a subset of the slideshow.

COMING SOON: screens from more recent systems