Alan Hirshberg - Consultant
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator • Microsoft Partner • XSAN Administrator
(626) 794-3637 extension 72

We are proud to announce that Alan is available to our media clients to service networks, Windows systems and Mac systems.

More specifically Alan’s specialty is the entertainment industry. He’s providing expertise in workstations / desktops, networks, network security and servers for film, video and print companies.

Alan’s career started in the early 80’s as a sound engineer and over the next several years he produced and engineered records, tv and film audio. In the mid-90’s and with over 10 years of engineering and production work to draw from, Alan began specializing in the computer technology for creative companies.

Since 1996, Alan has designed and integrated systems (workstations, high-speed networks and high-capacity servers) for large online retailers, government agencies, advertising, motion picture and television companies. In addition to working with corporate network and desktop products, Alan specializes in Broadcast and Post-production related technologies including Apple's XSan, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Server.